AI in education


Intelligent technologies in Education. As the world has moved to a new era of technology, the impact in every field is undeniable and as the CEO of CompAcademy, Kunal believes and contributes to it.

When education is looked up, people never end up completing a course and CompAcademy impart what we like to call Nano courses, you can learn anything in 90 minutes.

Kunal would be speaking about technology and how the mass content has been filtered into courses through YouTube on CompAcademy.

How the major arena has changed completely and learning is not limited to what a teacher can teach but what a student can perceive.

Anything can be learnt by means of video on demand.

The upcoming technology makes it much more real like.

He explains of how education contribution is not about having a degree to teach but the willingness to spread.

Education as a field is no more limited.

Its horizons go over context but the only limitation stands means

Among all the dignitaries, each act experts in their field and of how they are major contributors even if they simply write a post.

Ai makes education not only penetrable but understandable.

As a wise man once said

“I never teach my pupils, I just provide the environment to learn”

A teacher methodology does not work for 30 students and that’s where AI comes in.

It moulds itself from every corner.

But the best part is that it is not limited to that, it goes far and beyond.

It does not teach what is meant to be taught.

It provides means to learn to what the student wants to learn and can learn.

Classroom learning becomes obsolete because it is not practical by governing all students but the same fundamentals and same questions are not the products because even from the same thing, every student learns a different perspective which needs to be widened but the system falls short because there aren’t 10 teachers to teach a single student and even if they were, they weren’t as flexible in their egos as water in an octacontakaihexagon.

That’s where AI comes and goes beyond, teaching students what they want and can learn with removing the ‘obsolete’; completely.

They are taught and judged according to their capability and not in a standardized way. This was not possible earlier when standardized tests came in but now is coming towards possible along now.

And that’s what Kunal has been working on with CompAcademy and towards with CompAcademy and with all his tech

Kunal Chandiramani 
Founder & CEO, KStar & CompAcademy

Kunal Chandiramani, 15-year-old CEO.

Kunal Chandiramani is an Indian Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, the Chief Executive Officer of 2 successful startups, an International bestselling author and is often referred to as one of the youngest successful CEOs ever. In addition to having had been the youngest person ever to be awarded in a 35 under 35 list along with having been featured at multiple world-renowned platforms.

He has been an esteemed speaker including prestigious platforms, all the way from AIESEC Youth speak forum to The Startup day by Government of Goa in Goa.

A member of the Google Developer community for AI on Actions on Google post publishing his app for the Google Assistant, he has also been featured by various international and national platforms all the way from Your Story India to WittyFeed, from radio to Television.

Kunal has been deeply involved in AI, specifically AI in education. With his company, CompAcademy, Kunal has been revolutionizing the education system by Nano courses, CompAcademy uses smart algorithms.

Kunal feels that the education system is deeply in need, the system of the 18th century is being used 3 centuries later and the time to change is now.

Kunal is changing education AI.

Apart from CompAcademy, Kunal has been involved in various arenas in AI.