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Analytics - Insights from unsaid customer feedback

Are we investing our efforts in building things that actually matter? Are we investing efforts in testing things that are vital? Is the new feature that we rolled out adding value to the customers? Is the new release doing better than the previous releases?

How do we get answers to these questions and more?

Analytics is our answer!

Analytics information helps not just the business teams but also QAs, Devs, PMs and other members of the project in multiple different ways.

It can help uncover some critical issues, it can help understand customer sentiments better, it can help get a broader picture of how the customer actually uses the product. It also helps us get ideas about what small or large changes the customers are looking for without them having to explicitly tell us.

Analytics is important information to us. So, it is critical that the information is correct. That means analytics information produced also needs to be tested and validated.

This talk is intended to help understand the why’s and how’s of testing analytics.

In this talk, I hope to cover the experience of how analytics information helped us understand our customers better and invest our time in the right areas.

We will also see a demo of how we validated the events manually as well as with automated tests to ensure that the data is actually correct.

Speaker Profile

Lavanya is a passionate software engineer with experience in software testing and software development. She cares deeply about shipping quality products. She looks forward to working with teams that encourage learning and value a culture of feedback.

She occasionally writes non-technical articles on her blog:


Lavanya Mohan

QA Engineer


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