Applying Analytics to improve Verification & Validation

Abstract: Applying Analytics and AI in software development is booming. Decades of research in analytics, visualizations, statistics, AI has generated a large number of powerful methods for learning from data. If general analytics is an active field, software analytics is doubly so. Never before have we had so much information about the details on how people collaborate to build software. This talk is about our point of view of applying data analytics on software repositories to improve the way we test the learning we had and the future scope of applying the concepts of data analytics , particularly machine learning and AI to improve the way we test and provide feedback on the quality and Integrity Key Benefits:
  1. Mining our own software repositories / gold mines
  2. Learn from past, identify the patterns from historical data  and use them as predictors to plan your current and future.
  3. Typical Quality usecases that can be solved with Analytics.
  4. Road map of applying analytics .
  5. Tips on how to start the journey of applying analytics or Machine learning.

Key takeaways are:
  1. Now or never – Analytics is the future ( it is the present? )  Let us get ready . Mind your data- Data collection and curation are investments to organization.
  2. Start your Journey today – Identify a project get started with low hanging furies..

Jagadeesh Venugopal
Principal Architect, Capgemini

Jagadeesh is a Senior QA architect, QA Strategist, Test Designer and Planner, Scrum Master, Motivate, energize and inspire teams for Quality. QA professional with 16+ years of experience in

  • Defining, developing and implementing effective QA strategies
  • Designing and developing test automation frameworks
  • Codeline Stability and Continuous Integration & System Testing
  • Applying cognitive intelligence automation within testing
  • Analytics and Machine Learning

Senior Director, Capgemini

Vivek Jaykrishnan, a seasoned engineering professional having experience in steering the functions of Verification and Validation including functional, system, integration and performance test in leadership positions with organizations of repute.

Vivek Jaykrishnan is passionate about providing technology advisory services in the field of Verification and Validation, Product and System Testing, ALM and DevOps for engineering and applying cognitive intelligence (Analytics and AI) within testing and also chasing the next frontiers in IOT testing.

Currently Vivek Jaykrishnan, associated with Capgemini as Senior Director – Technology in the Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services global business line , part of the Product & System Testing (Verification and Validation) practice and offering.