Artificial Intelligence for Automation and RPA


Due to high accuracy and cost-effectiveness, organizations are increasingly adopting RPA as automation becomes an essential component of digital transformation. Besides that as AI’s branches spread across business verticals, driven by machine learning and deep learning RPA drives a fresh era of enterprise-level automation. Most organisations prefer to create RPA-based bots to deliver value to their customers more quickly. Digital transformation forces organizations to innovate quickly, requiring ongoing testing of all deliverables. At high-level AI can not only enhance current procedures through automation, but also help identify main drivers of any future defects and address the root causes of the problem. In this talk, I will analyze some frameworks or procedures on how to use AI in automation testing and automation of robotic procedures.

Pradeepta Mishra
Director of Artificial Intelligence, Lymbyc

Pradeepta Mishra is the Director of Artificial Intelligence at Lymbyc, leading a group of computational linguistics and has expertise across core branches of Artificial Intelligence with special focus on Natural language processing. He has filed three patents as an inventor. He has authored two books “R data mining blueprints” and “Mining text, sentiment, web using R”, which are currently available on He has also completed another Book on “PyTorch Recipes” based on dynamic graph computation for performing deep learning which would be available on from Feb 2019. There are two courses hosted on Udemy from his books. One of his books has been recommended in HSLS centre and University of Pittsburgh. He has delivered a keynote session in Global Data Science conference 2018, USA. He has

delivered a TEDx talk on “Can Machines Think?”, a session on the power of AI in transforming different industries and changing job roles across industries, available on

official TEDx YouTube channel. He has mentored almost 2000 data scientists globally. As a speaker, he has delivered 100+ tech talks on data science and AI in various meetups, technical institutions and community arranged forums. As a visiting faculty, he teaches data science, machine learning and deep learning in top institutes in India.