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Back to the future: Bug Debug EoQ

What are the pressing problems and the associated challenges that we are up against to achieve Quality in this digital era? Is the challenge with our mindset, lack of understanding, “tunnel vision”, adopting superficial approaches? What are the associated consequences and the price we pay as an industry? Why we constantly need to emphasize to view testing as a skilled craft and building a better understanding of the key tenets that make it indispensable not only in current times but in future as well? Are we getting too delivery focussed? Is it only and only Cost that is driving the change?

What is that “perfect” recipe? Is it always about striking the balance, the way forward? Is there a strategy that can help to lift from this quagmire? What approaches would really help us to move in the direction of Customer Success? What is the way to break this vicious code? What can engineers and leaders do differently? 

Let us debug Economics of Quality together!!

Speaker Profile

A Software Testing and Quality Leader in a fast paced and dynamic Cyber Security ecosystem, with a proven experience in delivering high quality Enterprise (endpoint, cloud and network) and Consumer security products and platforms.

A seasoned leader who thrives in driving Customer Success, building and leading Quality activities, defining the vision and strategy for product quality by establishing quality goals, driving good engineering practices, implementing QA processes to accomplish the strategic goals, achieving operational efficiency, streamlining product deployment and delivery.

A strong customer advocate, passionate about fostering a culture of growth mindset that promotes innovation, growth, communication and achievement.

Cherishes the ability to create opportunities to add value, challenge the status quo, influence the quality of the products, enthuse a smart set of individuals, constantly look for improvements, and above all to be able to contribute towards digital security.

An avid reader and sports enthusiast. Voluntary contributions towards Smart India Hackathon 2019, the largest hackathon in the world as a nodal head and mentoring students. As a mentor guided Indian and Singapore teams at IIT Madras for the Singapore-India Hackathon 2019, which was graced by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.


Mayank Dikshit

Head of QA

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

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