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STeP-IN SUMMIT 2020 is the perfect platform and the best choice for companies interested in exhibiting, including global players, training providers, software tool providers, consulting companies and all other companies providing agile, IT or software services.


On all prices, we give a 20% Early Bird discount if the sponsorship package is booked by March 31, 2020.

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We’re excited to help your company propagate your brand in our successful mega-conference, and look forward to working with you. With exclusive opportunities to sponsor at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2020, our team will be happy to speak with you at your earliest convenience to move things forward.

Sponsorship Scale

Event Sponsor: INR 12,00,000/- (USD 16700)
Platinum Sponsor: INR 7,50,000/- (USD 10450)
Gold Sponsor: INR 4,50,000/- (USD 6300)
Exhibitor Sponsor: INR 1,75,000/- (USD 2450)
Gala Dinner Sponsor: INR 4,50,000/- (USD 6300)
T-Shirt Sponsor: INR 3,00,000/- (USD 4200)
Lanyard Sponsor: INR 75,000/- (USD 1100)
Kit Inserts Sponsor: INR 50,000/- (USD 700)
Conference Bag Sponsor: INR 1,75,000/- (USD 2450)

Time is ticking away – Limited slots available – Make sure you don’t miss the buzz.
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For sponsorship and other partnership opportunities contact Anil Nahata at or on +91 98230 64054

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Comparison of Major Sponsor Packages

 Event SponsorPlatinum SponsorGold SponsorExhibitor Sponsor
Sharing of Attendee Roster   
Logo on the Podium banner   
Questionnaire / Quiz designed by the sponsor will be administered at the Conference venue   
One EDM blast Pre- or Post-Conference  
Speaking Opportunity at the Conference (40 mins)  
Speaking Opportunity (60 min) at 1 STeP-IN Forum Evening Talk / Webinar Post Conference   
Corporate Vendor presentation (10 mins)   
Branding on Conference Backdrop
Logos on all Promotional Material
Crosslink from Conference Website
Exhibitor Booth at the Conference Venue (Booth size and location vary based on type of sponsorship)
Kit inserts / handouts to all attendees
Banners at Conference Venue2221
Complimentary Conference Registrations8642
Cost (INR / USD)**INR 12,00,000/-
USD 16700/-
INR 7,50,000/-
USD 10450/-
INR 4,50,000/-
USD 6300/-
INR 1,75,000/-
USD 2450/-

For more information contact Anil:+91 98230 64054 /