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Business Driven Test Automation

The main reason of test automation lagging behind in the software testing lifecycle and becoming a technical debt later, is the inability to conceptualise and create automation tests before the application is ready. Waiting for our application to be developed and stable to begin automating our tests may not be the smartest way and leads us to constantly playing catch-up with the new features. Sahi Pro’s latest release 9.0 introduces the brand-new concept of Business Driven Test Automation (BDTA) which solves the problem of functional automation in a simple and elegant way. BDTA allows creation of Business Scenarios very early in the development cycle – right at the feature conceptualization stage. BDTA is an Intuitive and easy framework that allows business testers to automate their tests easily. Testers can express the business intent in natural language, record actions, parameterize and data drive the tests, all through an intuitive UI. Watch an informative hands-on demo on Business Driven Test Automation using Sahi Pro.

Speaker Profile

Nishi is a corporate trainer, an agile enthusiast and a tester at heart! With 12+ years of industry experience, she currently works with Sahi Pro software as an Evangelist and Trainings Head. She is passionate about training, organizing testing community events and meetups, and has been a speaker at numerous testing events and conferences. Nishi is also a writer on technical topics of interest in the industry and has numerous articles published at numerous popular forums and her own blog  where she writes about the latest topics in Agile and Testing domains.


Nishi Grover Garg

Evangelist & Head of Trainings

Sahi Pro

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