You Can't be agile if you're spending your life refactoring tests

  • Understand the challenges of test maintenance
  • How does DevOps exacerbate these issues?
  • What can we do to mitigate these problems?
Come and discuss how modern tools approach test maintenance challenges in an agile and DevOps aware fashion. We will discuss the shift from brittle xpath based selectors to scriptless UI testing as well as how changes at the microservice API layer don’t have to mean half a sprints worth of test refactoring pain.

 Ganesh Natarajan
 Head of Testing, North America, HCL Software

Ganesh has been with HCL for the last 7 years primarily focused on driving testing and test automation.

He has over 20 years of experience demonstrating leadership skills in varied disciplines in the field of Testing ranging from automation, delivery, practice building to developing market leading solutions. He has deep experience working in geographically distributed global environment and has worked across a number of leading industry verticals. He brings in a transformation led approach by cross pollinating solutions from across different industry verticals. He has a passion for automation and has successfully managed multiple “Automation First“ initiatives to drive the overall Cost of Quality down.

Prior to his current role, Ganesh was responsible for managing the back office and testing at E*Trade Financials for 15 years. He has a strong background in Brokerage & Financial Services working with a number of stock exchanges around the world.

Ashish Mathur
 Technology Director, HCL Software


Ashish Mathur holds the position of Director and Architect for development of UI Automation tools at HCL Software. His 25 years of experience spans the end to end of test automation related activities starting with a consultant tester and trainer, developer contributor to major industry leading UI and Performance test automation tools as well as Quality Management systems from IBM to leading the development of such tools. He believes that the best in a developer comes out when they have typically spent their formative years in testing and understand more of what not to do in development.