Lighting the Lamp & Welcome Address

8.45 - 9.00 AM

Vivek Mathur

Principal Director, Corporate Security, LTIMindtree & President, STeP-IN Forum

Viepul Kocher

President ISTQB India, Co-Founder & CEO, Verity Software, CEO, AiEnsured

Web 3.0 – Generative AI (ChatGPT vs. Tester)

9.00 - 09.45 AM

Jonathon Wright

Chief Technologist Officer, Keysight

Unravelling the Maintenance Mayhem: The Critical Role of Maintenance in Continuous Quality Assurance

9.45 - 10.30 AM

Manish Jha

Sr Director - Product Head, Avo Automation

Abhishek Shukla

Sr. Director - Head of Global Education, Partner Enablement & User Community, Avo Automation

Refreshment Break

10.30 - 10.45 AM

Unlocking Resiliency: Methods and Approaches for Validating Istio Service Mesh in a Microservice Environment

10.45 - 11.20 AM

Srikanth Mohan

Quality Architect, EPAM

How does your test automation strategy influence shipping a quality product in time

11.20 - 11.55 AM

Ashish Mathur

Director, Test Automation Products – UI Test Automation, HCL Software

"Raising Our Glasses to Sponsors: A Toast of Thanks"

11.55 - 12.05 PM

Acknowledging Tech Committee

12.05 - 12.10 PM

Udhaykumar VR

Sr. Technology Manager, Mirketa Inc

Delivering Digital Assurance in the DevOps framework

12.10 - 12.35 PM

Manish Gupta

Director of Business and Technology Consulting, OpenText

ESG Centric Quality Engineering Services

12.35 - 01.00 PM

Sampada Namjoshi

Director, KPMG

Ratnakumar Gorthi

Associate Partner, KPMG

Lunch Break, Visiting Booths, Networking

01.00 - 02.00 PM

Track A

Track B

Track C

Track D


Demystifying Digital Assurance: A Roadmap for Quality Excellence

02.00 - 02.45 PM

Saksham Sarode

Practice Head - Digital Assurance, NewVision Software


Information Pyramid in BDD

02.00 - 02.45 PM

Ashwini Lalit

Senior Manager - Product Quality, NimbleWork


DevSecOps: Practicing security engineering principles to safeguard applications, infrastructure, and cloud

02.00 - 02.45 PM

Suhas Desai

Senior Vice President and Cyber Technology Head(India & APAC), Aujas Cybersecurity


ChatGPT for Test Automation

02.00 - 02.45 PM

Satya Prasad Dakinedi

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer, EPAM Systems India Pvt Ltd


Are you practising testing? Drills for Skills

02.45 - 03.30 PM

Shrinivas Kulkarni

Senior Technology Leader, Ola


A comprehensive test strategy for next-gen self-service IVR systems with Natural Language Processing capabilities

02.45 - 03.30 PM

Abhirami Murthi

Consulting Partner, TCS


Unlocking the Future of DevTestOps with AI: Fostering Collaboration and Breaking Silos!

02.45 - 03.30 PM

Siddhant Wadhwani

SDET Manager, Newfold Digital


Assuring Sustainable Software - a perspective

02.45 - 03.30 PM

Manish Potdar

Head of Technology office (Quality Engineering Services), LTIMindtree & Community Leader, EcoItCon

Refreshment Break

03.30 - 03.45 PM

Panel Discussion - Navigating a Transforming Landscape

03.45 - 04.30 PM

Viepul Kocher

President ISTQB India, Co-Founder & CEO Verity Software, CEO, AiEnsured

Ashok Pamidi

Former CEO Nasscom Foundation, Advisor Persistent Foundation and Startups

Mallika Fernandes

Managing Director, Accenture

Renu Rajani

Sr Leader in IT Industry, Book Author

Ashok Thiruvengadam

Founder & CEO, STAG Software

Lalatendu Sahoo

Test.QE Head for TCS BFSI, TCS

Rahul Verma

Consultant & Coach, trendig

Bridging the Gap: The Importance of Digital Accessibility and Empowering Inclusion through Accessibility Tools

04.30 - 04.55 PM

Abin Roy Choudhury

VP - Operations, Deque

Time Travel as a Tester – A journey through my mistakes, realizations and wishes

04.55 - 05.30 PM

Geosley Andrades

Director Product Evangelist, ACCELQ

Conference WRAP-UP & TestAutothon Results Announcement

05.30 PM

Meet Our Hosts

Ramit Manohar Kaul

Vidhi Baid