Damn Depressing Agile Testing


What is common between Mental Illness and Agile Testing ?.. On the face of it may seem they are not connected at all

Agile Testing in our industry , if we can call that so is an oxymoron , it is neither Agile nor proper Testing. In the new world of digital mesh where quality is becoming of critical importance are we sacrificing value of testing in the name of Agile ?

Add to it half-baked experts who give you unsolicited and completely dangerous advices to testing teams which does more harm than good .

Join me for this talk on a personal journey of fighting a difficult situation in my life and how I used it to find answers to the quagmire of Agile Testing


Jayapradeep Jiothis
Eyes/Chakshu, testaing.com

17+ years of IT industry experience in managing and leading end-toned software testing projects (including SCRUM based), consulting assignments and training in software testing

Extensive experience in building and managing Offshore Test Centres and Test Factories for customers such as GE Energy, Global Dawn, Spin Vox, Clear speed and Neptune.

In-depth understanding in budgeting, estimations, process definition, metric tracking and project risk management.

A solution architect with hands on experience on various tools. JP, as he is fondly called by his friends, is a master of strategic thinking and the breadth of his knowledge about technology and markets is astounding.