Defining testing strategy for robotic process automation implementation.


For a successful RPA project implementation, the most critical aspect is to ensure Bots meet the functional and nonfunctional requirements. As the bots work with production systems making changes to the live production data, it’s very important to implement validation checkpoints at every stage of rpa implementation. This will help to achieve the planned return on investment, while there is no negative impact created in terms of the risk handling and mitigation strategies.

Following are the steps in defining the testing strategy for any rpa bot implementation.

  • Selecting right rpa platform provider
  • Ensuring the traceability from the requirements to the implementation documentation
  • Creating a foolproof functional test scenario bed
  • Replicating production data set to perform bot testing in both positive and negative scenarios
  • Validating the bot performance with respect to business and system exceptions.
  • Performing a bot assessment to provide a reliability score and to ensure best practices in the industry are followed while configuring the bots.
  • Understanding UAT test plan to comply with domain logic validations.
  • Highlighting the implementation risks (if any).

Once the above strategies are implemented successfully rpa project champion can justify the RPA implementation costs while aligning to the company’s strategic vision of being a digitally transformed organization.

Arjun Meda
Sr. Developer Evangelist, Automation Anywhere

Arjun S Meda is a Sr. Developer Evangelist with Automation Anywhere. He has 13 years of experience in IT industry and has lead implementation of Digital Transformation projects with prime focus on Automation for multiple customers. His passion towards the ecosystem development makes him a true Evangelist. He manages Automation Anywhere’s Developer engagement channels and has been a key player in building meetup communities across all major cities in India. He is passionate about running and has conquered races like Spartan Beast and Tough Mudder.