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Intelligent Holistic Test of Business Applications in SAP

Here we present “Intelligent holistic Tests of Cloud Business Applications @ SAP”, where we:

  • Use Intelligent Scope Optimizer (i-ScOper) for real time optimized automated Test Scope proposal and prioritization by leveraging Code Change, Business Criticality and Customer Usage. This optimal Scope is typically ~ 50% of the automated test suite; the efficiency gained is invested in “Specialized Manual tests” based on research/ experience-based Test Techniques and Patterns
  • Strategic use of context specific Test Techniques and Patterns by product experts help unearth defects. Approx. 70% increase in the defects were observed when research based Unique Test Patterns and best practices are applied. This helped multiply the defect finding ability in the organization

Key Take away for the audience:

  • i-ScOper – How can one bang for Bugs (double defects yield) by testing just 50% of the standard test suite, and white space?
  • Live Demo of the tool in action
  • Proof points from Productive usage – efficiency gains without compromise on defect leakage ß motivation for the audience to pursue this path in their organizations
  • How can one identify UI Automated tests to validate Code check-ins in the DevOPs cycle ß refer 3 below
  • Applying context specific Test Techniques to avoid Pesticide Paradox and plugin leakage of bugs
  • Ensure Usage of research-based Test Patterns and Best Practices.  

Speaker Profiles:


Sheeba Bazaz

Product Owner

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

Sheeba Bazaz is a Senior Quality Expert with overall Industry experience of 14 years in Software Testing, Test Automation, Test Methodologies, Agile Practices, Software Product Management, Stakeholder Management & Quality Control Processes. She is currently working in SAP S/4 HANA Test Engineering Team  as a Product Owner of inhouse innovation Tool “ISCOPER – Intelligent Scope Optimizer” and leading a development team working on cross technologies like ABAP, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, SAP Cloud Platform etc.

Sheeba comes with humongous functional expertise across multiple  SAP Applications like SAP S/4HANA On Premise & Cloud Quality Management, SAP ERP Retail, SAP Fashion Management Solutions, SAP CRM (Web Channel-online Retailing Solutions), SAP SCM (Forecasting and Replenishment) Solutions, SAP Business Intelligence,  SAP Promotions Solutions, SAP Demand Management Foundations. She has also lead Product Standards centrally for the topics of Accessibility Testing and SAP S/4HANA On Premise & SAP S/4HANA Cloud Browser Qualification Tests. She has the knowledge of SAP NetWeaver Landscape and has lead the topic of SAP NetWeaver Inbound/Outbound Qualification Tests. She is a Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance and a Certified Lean Trainer. She has also given Guest Lectures on Testing methodology at IIITB.


Sunanda Sehra

Senior Quality Specialist

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.

Sunanda Sehra is a Senior Quality Specialist with S4HANA Test Engineering Gurgaon with 10+ years’ experience in testing domain and specializes in both Manual and Automated tests. She has worked on different Automation tools such as eCATT, TAT, jmeter, SoapUI and QTP and Automated applications ranging for ERP, FIORI, S4HANA On premise as well as SAP Cloud covering functional and non-functional aspects including API tests. She is also part of the workgroup researching current market trends and Internal best practices followed by different teams in Testing space such as Techniques, Approaches and Tools to formulate and come up with context specific specialized manual tests in regression scope as well as identified Whitespaces and enabling mass adoption of the same in the organization. She has piloted and enabled implementation of many test techniques such as User Story mapping, All-Pairs testing technique using PICT Tool, Negative tests, Exploratory tests using different tours, Defects heat map to find error prone areas based on software components from BCP which helped in improving product quality in short span of time. Currently she is leading E2E conversion and ZDO project where they piloted Pair testing concept to enable better understanding of the application and unearth critical defects utilizing experience-based approach
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