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Lessons learned from building tool for testers

My team and I have been building tools for testers. We got it a few times wrong and we got it a few times right. I have been interacting with people who have been building tools for testers and been gathering notes to understand the challenges and joy they are having.

There are going to be people in the future who want to build tools for testers and through this talk I want to make their lives simple by sharing my lessons learned.

I will be touching upon pointers of:

  • What kind of tools to build for testers?
    What kind of tools to open source?
    How do you work on adoption?
    How much money is there in the tester tools market?
    How does focus geography change the tool you build?
    Should you worry about the marketing layer?

Come by, sit at your home with your coffee and enjoy this simple plain English talk.

Speaker Profile

Pradeep Soundararajan is the Chief Servant to Employees and Customers of Moolya Testing, a company he founded. He has been a Tester, Independent Consultant, Test Tool Developer (using Perl), Test Coach, Test Management Consultant, and Product Owner of Testing Tools such as and whilst wearing a hat as a businessman. Pradeep is the author of the book Buddha in Testing. Too much about him. He is who he is because of the people. He is living a life that can be represented in one word – Ubuntu. Many good people make him.


Pradeep Soundararajan

Chief Servant to Employees & Customers

Moolya Testing

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