On Cloud-9 Things One Must Master As A Tester

Jyoti Lata Mishra

SDET II, Netomi

In this presentation, the following topics will be covered:

  1. What one should know while testing an application hosted on cloud. 
  2. The foremost thing would be to understand how is on premise different from cloud. There will be a quick walkthrough of AWS services and a comparison of on premise and cloud infrastructure.
  3. How cloud has enabled tester to test an application very close to real world? 
  4. Cloud platform has introduced new way of testing e.g Chaos Monkey, with this you can create a failure condition and see if your application is fail safe or not
  5. Why we should leverage cloud platform for automation, rather buying a different software or license which can be costly. 
  6. Understand organisation’s responsibility and cloud platform vendor’s responsibility, e.g AWS says we should grant user least privilege , hence as tester we should check for these configuration as well.
  7. As tester we should now start focusing more on security testing as now we are less aware about the infrastructure , your resource capacity etc
  8. Understand how with cloud platform we are able to manage multiple version of software. Knowing this would help a tester answer question like ‘ Can we roll back’?
  9. Most important there should be change in mindset and way we test e.g understand why with cloud, adapting devops mindset is important and we can’t continue with our traditional way of testing
  10. To end, now apart from your application there is one more entity which you need to keep in mind which is your cloud platform vendor so one has to be aware of all the latest changes being done and keep ourselves updated. The way as tester we provide input to product owner , by knowing cloud platform we will be able to see more holistic view and understand application architecture better and be able to provide valuable input to developer, solution architect etc

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