Regression Optimization Techniques

The current test automation is limited to Click through automation. It does not adjust execution based on new feature impact, historical execution pattern, and the scope for Regression optimization.

Reducing costs is a challenge and should be the top priority for the team. The team should make sure test runs with the maximum scenarios in test suites and maximize the defects are found and fixed in fewer regression suite cycles. I want to explore the options of various Regression Optimization Techniques during this session with a demo of a regression optimization tool.


  • Understanding of Regression Optimization and its need
  • Various Techniques
  • Tools and its applicability

Mukund Wangikar,
Vice President, InfoVision Inc.

Mukund is a seasoned speaker in various national conferences and a great promoter of building a larger community in the QA fraternity.

He is having 24 years of experience in Testing functions in large enterprise applications, BI, Supply chain, and Banking, domains. The unique blend of various Business domains, Consulting, and IT Leadership exposure.

Mukund has been a catalyst in InfoVision’s QA transformation journey. His broader perspective and vision have made a visible difference in the QA practice. He is able to bring out good ideas to the table and has been successful in implementing them.

A dynamic individual possessing the ability to successfully employ QA processes, and metrics to diffuse politically and emotionally charged situations and promote a collaborative problem-solving approach to resolve complex program issues and achieve the desired results.

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