Role of QA in Open Source

Is open source for testers only limited to using it?

More often than not, testers gravitate towards open source test automation tools. But is using them the only way?

In this talk, we will discuss open source for testers and broadly cover:

  1. Why does open source need your attention today?
  2. Is open source contribution only for developers?
  3. How can testers grow professionally while using and contributing to open source?
  4. What are the various ways to contribute?
  5. How to find relevant projects for contribution?

Learning Outcome

After attending this session, the participants can:

  • Understand how open source can be an important part of their professional growth
  • Decide if they want to be a part of the open source community
  • Decide what is the best way to start with open source contribution
  • Start contributing to open source

Rukmangada Naidu (KR)
Founder & CEO, Testsigma

Rukmangada Naidu, aka KR, is the Founder and CEO of Testsigma, an open-source test automation platform for testers worldwide. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

KR started Testsigma as a cloud-based test automation platform with the vision of simplifying test automation for everyone. Now, Testsigma’s open source community edition has been launched, too, increasing the scope of its application and usability.

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