Salesforce Automation using AI and its Benefits

Testing the Herculean and ever-changing platform – Salesforce, is complex, and your team could be spending hours on modifying and updating tests at every run.

Therefore, maintaining Salesforce’s operational competence is a challenge. Testing Salesforce, especially, with traditional ways alone makes the task complicated, because of:

  • Frequent system upgrades
  • Critical data in Salesforce
  • Level of customization & integrations present
  • Complex DOM structure
  • Dynamic elements

To deliver quality software at velocity, test automation is key to reducing risk & costs, and getting a competitive advantage. And if you use a low-code AI platform, like Provar or AutonomIQ (AIQ), you can make testing faster and scalable.

By attending the session, attendees can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • The key challenges of Salesforce testing
  • The difficulty in Automating Salesforce test cases
  • How AI Platforms make it easy to deliver quality software at velocity
  • And ROI from AI platforms

Shradha Sandilya,
QA Lead - Salesforce, Grazitti Interactive

A seasoned technologist and a continuous learner, Shradha has more than 7 years of experience in software testing. She is leading QA CoE and working as QA Lead, Salesforce at Grazitti Interactive. A passionate QA, trainer, and speaker, Shradha is a self-motivated leader who believes in delivering quality software. She has deep knowledge and experience in test automation, automation strategies, DevOps and Agile. She is skilled in transforming traditional test automation to cognitive test automation by aligning it with AI and ML. Shraddha is proficient in creating test approaches for applications based on emerging technologies like AI/ML, Chatbot, IoT, immersive applications, cloud, data analytics etc. Her proven leadership skills in building and managing high performance teams has kept her on top of delivering organizational goals.

Deepak Kumar,
QA Lead - Salesforce, Grazitti Interactive

With 8+ years of extensive QA and Automation experience across multiple product delivery life cycles, Deepak is a result-oriented professional working as QA Lead, Salesforce at Grazitti Interactive. He blends his incredible insight, experience, and knowledge when it comes to developing and implementing robust test strategies. He has hands-on experience and proven ability in different levels of automation and functional testing including API, Unit, Regression, and User Acceptance testing.

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