Scaling your automated tests: Dockers & Kubernetes


Continuous Delivery is now the holy grail of IT organizations, but most companies are still struggling with the transition into shorter release cycles and faster, more frequent deployments. There is also a common misconception about the three C’s – Continuous integration vs. continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment and will explain how it matters to testers and in fact, we shall also see the fourth C’s and its nothing but Continuous Testing which is the fast feedback mechanism that assists the three C’s – the Test Automation and is one of the most difficult challenges in that transition itself, but often the infrastructure challenges are considered as an afterthought.

We shall aim to cover top test automation challenges for CI/CD around infrastructure and share how the modern tools shall help address those problems. It’s time the testers took control! and build their own testing environments using Docker, Docker-Compose, and Kubernetes. We’ll be looking at Some of Sample Selenium/Appium/Puppeteer based test automation scripts to support the ideas.

Manoj Kumar 
Lead Technical Evangelist, Applitools

Manoj is a Lead Technical Evangelist at Applitools, a Selenium committer and a member of the steering committee for Selenium Project. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to different libraries that shall help test the apps better with libraries like Selenium, ngWebDriver, Serenity and Protractor. He is also the author of a Selenium blog AssertSelenium and an Accessibility enthusiast.