Shifting from Gatekeepers to Enablers; A new normal for testers

Vimmi Walia

Principle QA Consultant, Nagarro

Anjali Bansal

QA Consultant, Nagarro

In today’s era, every business is focussed to bring digital business innovation, enhance customer engagement, find avenues to generate new revenue. The risk and complexity associated with software development is going significantly high. To pace up with fast growing businesses, rapid technology transformation and skyrocketing consumer expectations, the QA goal is not just achieving the quality, but also add “value” at the speed of digital. QA is no longer just a custodian of quality but also needs to play a role of business assurance and contribute to business growth and business outcomes. A QA should own an additional responsibility of becoming an “Enabler” along with playing a role of quality gatekeeper.


There is a trend growing towards wanting QA who can fit to SDET roles, QAs with developers’ skill but with a quality mindset.


One of the main challenges noted this year by World Quality Report 2020-21” is that 55% of the IT leaders believe that the testing team lacks right testing methodologies.


Hence in this hyper agile era, the role of tester is ever changing. As per “World Quality Report 2020-21”, a tester must be aware of following top trends:

  • QA orchestration in agile and DevOps
  • Smart test data and test environment management
  • Autonomous automation
  • Use of AI & ML in quality assurance


In this talk I would focus on QA orchestration in DevOps.


DevTestOps is not only a discipline to promote continuous testing for each step of the development process, however it also opens the opportunity to use test environment a part of testers toolkit. In this talk we will focus on how testing can be made more efficient, and cost optimized by amalgamating Ops in Testing.



  1. Is TestOps another buzz word or is it the need of the hour
  2. What skillsets a QA needs
  3. TestOps for auto provisioning of test environments
  4. A live use case where we integrated Ops with testing.

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