Smart Ways: Ensuring Quality of Smart Voice Assistants [Alexa, SIRI, Bixby]


The following points will be covered:
1. Smart Voice Assistants currently available in the market. How they are being used with Mobile, TV, Freeze , Speaker etc.
2. Components involved in such systems – Architecture – Client, ASR, NLU/NLP, NLG
3. Challenges and ways to ensure the individual component quality – Client, ASR, NLU/NLU/ NLG
4. How to take care of E2E quality from user perspective
5. Automation for quick quality checks – NLU, ASR & End to End
6. Challenges going forward.

Mayank Purohit
Director, Samsung R&D Institute

Expert in setting up small to mid-sized organizations from scratch, catering to end to end Product/Software QualityAssurance, Automation & Process. Dealing with software based on various domains in the mobile phone industry likeAI/ML, IoT, 5G, Camera etc.