Vasantha Priya

Digitate TCS

Vasantha Priya, popularly known as Priya, comes with 25+ years of industry experience comprising of Software Development, Software Testing and Assurance, Project Management, Program Management, Test Consulting, Specialized Testing Delivery Management, Product Management, Product delivery, Vertical (LOB) Management and multiple Business Verticals. She is a certified Professional Scrum Master and an Agile Ninja Coach. Apart from these she has managed the Specialized Testing Service (Innovation Centre) comprising of automation, performance across all business verticals for 2+ years. She has working experience of various Service Companies, Product Companies and Captives through Service Companies. She has created / co-created various Intellectual Property and Copyrights tools and assets in assurance and published many articles in leading journals. She has delivered various Training programs on Testing concepts, Business domain, Assurance trends, Automation Workshops and so on. As an enthusiast to bring the testing world together, she is the chairperson of Pune STePIN chapter. Currently, Priya is the Product Owner of ignio AI.Assurance, an autonomous assurance software that enables enterprise to deliver better software, faster.