Testers Are Gladiators Of Today: Make Your Impact In The World Of Data Science,Business Intelligence And Emerging Cloud Technology

Prachi Pujari

Technical Lead, Persistent Systems

The Subject which i have chosen is about Data Science,BI and Cloud Technology and Role of Tester in this emerging technology..We have seen the technology evolving from Data in File to Data in cloud and we testers are Part of this changing trend,we have observed this evolution from scratch.


Testers Role in BI

Data now resides on Cloud which can be transferred from DataWarehouse to Cloud using ETL tools and to grow your business this data is pivoted in Business Intelligence tool to capture Business Market, now here comes the role of Tester to test how intelligent the tool can portray the data

Testers can have quality checks on  both ETL and BI  tools and make an Impact…


Tester’s Role in Data Science

Data now resides in Cloud.Hence Many organizations migrate their data in cloud ,now Quality of Data is most crucial one here hence ..Testers make an Impact here


Remember Testers are Today’s Gladiator hence with Testing eye and Development skills we can build an Automation and make QUALITY a focus..After all what matters is QUALITY and hence testers are GLADIATOR……


Here the Presentation will be eye opener for every tester who wish to enter in the area of DataScience

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