The Go-Getter’s Guide to Performance Engineering

Abstract: Performance testing is conducted to make sure the application under test will meet user expectations in production environment and it ensures that all the application bottlenecks are identified which might cause bad user experience and has detrimental effect on the perceived performance. Based on the results of the performance testing activity, required actions are taken to fill the gap between the actual and expected results. However, effective performance testing activity results can never be achieved without having clearly defined process stages, performance goals, awareness on existing bottlenecks issues and success criteria. A report with only statement “Application is not performing to the expectations” is not enough to guide and give directions to the recipients and stakeholders. It needs extra milestone to understand what has gone wrong, why the application is slow and what can be done to further optimize it.   In our presentation we would talk about seven important and crucial stages that every performance test activity should follow to achieve the desired results. The step wise guide right from gathering and defining crystal clear requirements for performance tests, identifying test case and important scenarios, deciphering previous bottlenecks issues, following system health checks, executing tests, finding out the possible causes for any violations and recommending optimizations on the issues is elucidated in the session.   Intended audience: Anybody in development, tester, system admin, product management roles and for people interested in performance tests as well.
  1. Discern critical stages for performance testing
  2. Specifications of requirements under each phase
  3. Beyond facts…Reasoning such as Why, Where & How

Manjari Sharma
Senior Quality Specialist, SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd.

Manjari Sharma has 10+ years of experience varying from Project management, Performance engineering, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Quality engineering, SQL, Requirements Analysis, and Agile Methodologies at SAP Labs India.

She has recently completed Executive General Management course from IIM Bangalore and holds a degree in B-Tech-Computer science

Currently she is playing role of scrum master, handling team size of 18+ and doing project management for performance of S4HANA On premise applications


Shyamala N
Senior Quality Specialist, SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd.

Shyamala N is working as a Senior quality specialist at SAP LABS Bangalore.

She has done her Masters in computer application from BMS college of enginerring Bangalore. Her career started at SAP in 2008 as a tester for SAP CRM applications and she has experience in different domains of SAP like CRM, SRM, BW, and ERP with customer solution experience in BW.

Currently she is working as a Senior Performance tester testing SAP Cloud applications as part of Suite Test Engineering team