The Impact of International IT Regulation on Systems Design and Testing

Over the years, many countries have developed a range of regulations and laws to govern the use of information technology, from the old EU and UK Data Protection Acts of the 1990s and before, to GDPR and the Draft EU AI Act, via a number of other regulations that are in progress. In addition, many countries have passed, or are in progress of passing, laws to regulate various aspects of the use of IT systems. We also have the move towards the concept of “Security and Privacy by Design and by Default”, both in the context of GDPR and also plain old sensible approaches to securing our data and our systems.

The question is, to what extent do all these laws and regulations affect international organisations outside the legislating countries? And, of course, why is this a suitable topic for a Keynote for a conference on the impact of remote working on software testing?

This talk will demonstrate why business pressures will tend to drive most reputable software developers and vendors to meet the highest standards set in the regulations, as was seen with the EU DPA regulations in the 1990s, which were also taken up by most legal jurisdictions.

The talk will also show that, in many respects, the software testing profession, together with project management, are the ideal roles for ensuring that these standards are incorporated in the products that they are testing.

Richard J Self,
Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, University of Derby

Richard Self worked in the aerospace sector for thirty years supporting the business with innovative systems solutions and matching technologies to business needs.

He then made the transition into academia in 2002 at the University of Derby, where he now has small teams of Undergraduate and Masters students researching to identify the best frameworks of questions for evaluating emerging and advanced technologies for gaining business value. He is currently working on the success and failure factors for AI and machine learning implementations.

Richard is a regular invited keynote speaker at UK and international business conferences where he always provides the audience with the important questions for evaluating their business needs and technologies.

He has presented on a wide range of topics including Blockchain, Big Data Analytics in Finance and Manufacturing, the differences between testing software for traditional systems and testing AI systems and the consequences of GDPR and the EU AI Act on the future of role of the testing community and project management.

He is the lead academic on a KTP with Aquis Exchange which focuses on the use of AI and machine learning to detect potential market manipulation.

Richard was nominated by the European Risk Policy Institute as one of the top 30 Risk Communicators during 2021.

In December 2020, he was nominated in the Tyto Tech 500 Power List –

  • #38 Influencer in the UK,
  • #2 Influencer in the European Academic list,
  • #10 in the European AI/ML list and
  • #60 in the overall European Top 500

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