The State of Testing in India


How does testing happen in India? 
Has it changed over the last decade?
Are the changes progressive? 
Are they regressive?
Are they different in start-ups?
Are large IT services doing any better testing than they did in the past?
What problems plague Indian Testing?
How is life of a tester in a captive?
How have testers changed in a decade?
Are they thinking different?
Are they still worried about their future?
What drives testers today?
What have non-testing stakeholders understood about testing?
What do they want from testing?
Are they getting it?
How do customers view the value from Indian Testing and Indian Testers?
In this talk, Pradeep in his usual style of being pretty honest is going to lay his observations for the benefit of people to think what they are doing to themselves and hence as a side effect to testing in India and from India. Sounds exciting? Come and experience the talk.

Pradeep Soundararajan
Co-founder at Appachhi & Founder Managing Director at Moolya

Pradeep has been a tester, contractor, consultant, coach, trainer, founder of testing services, solutions and products over the 16 years he has spent in the industry. This exposure has helped him see testers and customers and understand different perspectives of testing in India and abroad. 
This talk would be as energetic and as insightful as his talk in Stepin 2018. Pradeep is looking forward to this talk because he thinks this talk is a milestone talk of his life. The State of Testing in India. As detailed and as unbiased as it can get with Pradeep Soundararajan. Yes, he is active on Linkedin.