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Traditional Testing to Digital Assurance – A transformation Blueprint

Digital Transformation is not an option anymore, it’s a choice between transformation and fading. Its not just about technology but also about strategy and new ways of thinking. It is fundamentally affecting all industries – with varying speed and scope.

The development world has embraced the change and swiftly shifted gears on the transformation from traditional to digital, the testing world is catching up and the time is now for a structured blueprint to help organizations to make the transition from traditional testing to digital assurance.

Nandini will speak about the digital assurance design for excellence and transformation that will include designing for a digital culture, adopting agile and devops, developing digital skills in people, intelligent lifecycle automation and many other aspects. The digital assurance design is a systemic process that starts with an assessment of the current state and helps plot desired state along with a roadmap for both short term and long term vision accomplishment.

In her keynote, she will speak about how to recognize specific pattern in an engagement to understand various business scenarios and share based on her experience and learnings on the transformation blueprint for every scenario. The scenario could be when a business is experiencing existential threat because of digital natives and not being nimble enough and hence needs to transform. Scenario could be when Old Business Models no longer work for a business – say when the business may have to move from a product selling to offer a service provisioning model, how should testing transform in such a scenario. Another scenario could be when a business has a laggard image that it needs to shed away amidst Leapfrogging competition.

Speaker Profiles:


Ashwani Nandini

VP Delivery


Head Delivery and Digital Assurance for GlobalLogic India. In her role as Delivery Assurance Head, she is responsible for enabling predictable delivery at scale by creating empowered delivery leaders who embrace ubiquitous engineering rigor across execution plays and engagement models. In her role as Digital Assurance Head, she enables and coaches engineering teams to transition from traditional testing to testing for the digital age and build in quality.

She has successfully led Digital Assurance for large complex digital transformation engagements that has helped in improved customer experience, reduced defects impacting the business outcome for the customers.

She has designed and implemented several award-winning frameworks – predictable measurement framework for agile, white box review to check requirements quality, design and architecture constructs, process implementation and tools usage, an early warning system to present anomalies in delivery parameters.

She has led the digital assurance design for several engagements that included framework design and transformation in processes, tools, methodologies, skills, culture and testing ecosystem.

She was a speaker at the World Conference Next Generation Testing organized by Unicom at Bengaluru in 2018. Her topic was “Reimagining Quality in the Digital Era” where she spoke about approach to quality in digital transformation engagements.

A thought leader, frequent speaker with the media, articles published in leading publication and platforms such as PCQuest, DQ Channels, Yourstory, Techgig etc.

Being a certified leadership and life coach and an International NBI practitioner, she is able to coach, inspire and motivate people to excel.

Actively involved in various Nasscom initiatives as Member NASSCOM NRC (Northern Regional Council), Co-chair Tech SIG (Special Interest Group) at NASSCOM, Organizing Member of the Nasscom Annual technology Conference.


Sanju Dalla

Specialist - Engineering


Digital Assurance Expert, leading complex digital engagements and providing successful quality deliverables. She has created a Digital Assurance Design for the organization that provides a detailed execution approach of “build in quality from inception” principle for enterprise QA.

She has led various Projects based on domains like Education, Healthcare, E-Commerce, R&D, M&A and Medical etc. and is also having strong expertise in handling Quality for both monolithic and Microservices based architecture.

She is responsible for setting up large engagements with right team structure, right skills, establishing Digital culture for smooth functioning, designing QA quality model, covering quality activities to be established in all possible directions – shift left, shift right, shift up and shift deep.

She have architected various Automation frameworks (API, UI, Mobile), created CI/CD/CT plan for fast feedback, Quality Gates for Code movement strategy, established governance and proactive monitoring using Application Performance monitoring tools.

She is also responsible for performing Digital Assurance audits for large digital engagements, identifying gaps – starting from gathering requirements, code quality, RCA of defect, various quality trends, release strategy, Continuous testing metrics and so on till delivering to production. She provides guidance for improvements required for all the identified gaps and metrics to track the same.

She is a regular participant of Software Testing Conference and her article “Digital Assurance of Microservices” is published in Best Practices Warehouse of STC.

She also participates in twitter handle @ministryoftest and she is a certified professional of “Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success” from Emeritus Institute of Management.

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