Voice of Android Device about installed applications to a Quality Analyst

SECTION A : Abstract:

Today’s QA team is moving from beyond reporting bugs to preventing bugs. We have many tools available that
support testing team at every step.
Being a QA, have you thought till what extent can a device alone can support for Quality Analysis of an
application? What are inbuilt applications or the data that is saved in a device that can help QA? Android is one
of the most used platforms and comes with various inbuilt options to understand the installed application’s
quality and performance.
Through this paper I would like audience have experience of collecting and analysing various data dumps from
device and logs. Analysis of these dumps plays vital role where a QA can understand what is actually captured
in the device if a tool doesn’t support.

SECTION B – Relevancy and interactiveness
Android is the most used device and many applications are available on the same platform. The device which
we carry in our hands can help us understand and analyse the quality of an application and impact of the
application on device. As a QA team it is important to understand the in-built tools and options in a device
before looking for 3rd hand help.

SECTION C – Summarized Table of Content
1. Introduction to the platform in QA perspective
2. Developer options
3. Various inbuilt options
4. Android Debug Bridge
5. Device dumps
         a. Logs with various filters
         b. List of installed applications and their packages
         c. CPU Usage of individual application
         d. Battery Usage of individual application from device dump
         e. Memory dump
         f. Analysis of each Device Dump and logs at filter level

Bhavani SrutiSomaraju,
Senior Quality Analyst, ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I, Bhavani Sruti Somaraju having 3+ years of experience in Software Testing and Training testers. My
competence lies in Exploratory Software Testing, Client-side Performance Testing and End To End
Test Management.
I am currently working as Sr. Quality Analyst at ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune.
Sharing knowledge motivates me to learn. I believe it is not actually about the quantity but it is
about quality.